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- Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to an extraordinary force of excellence in the business world – Goosehead Insurance. This remarkable company embodies the very essence of success, actively seeking individuals who embody the qualities of hard work, fun, drive, integrity, and a collaborative mindset. Goosehead doesn't just hire; they curate a team of diverse backgrounds, locations, and experiences, rejecting the one-size-fits-all mentality that limits true innovation.

 What truly sets Goosehead apart is their unwavering commitment to propelling their employees towards success through exceptional training and mentorship programs. Imagine a place where personal and professional growth is not just encouraged but prioritized – that's Goosehead Insurance for you. Now expierience great auto insurance Tacoma representative .

 This exceptional company places a premium on excellence and service, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of background, has an equal chance to thrive. I am not just recommending a workplace; I am endorsing a transformative journey with Goosehead. Their values and initiatives are nothing short of inspiring, and I am confident that those who join their ranks will embark on a truly fulfilling journey.

How are we different from other agents who also might broker or shop for your insurance?

  • If you're a working on a home purchase or refinance, we have a team dedicated to working with your loan officers to update changes, often within 30-45 minutes, where other agencies & brokers might take several hours, days and sometimes weeks to accomplish what we do in under an hour.
  • We have built strong relationships with our carrier partners, which other brokers simply don't have. This means you get preferred rates. We are also very fast and responsive.
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Jerry D Hallman Insurance Agency, Inc.
1712 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98405
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Auto Insurance Tacoma | Tacoma, WA
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Auto Insurance Tacoma, WA
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Whether you need insurance for your home, cars, investment/rental properties, boat, life insurance and pretty much anything else you can think of (Flood, Earthquake too)– we are ready to provide you with the best customer service experience of any insurance Agency – anywhere. Let us show you what it is like to experience the power of choice.  Enjoy the best rates, the coverage you want and need, and a service team that has led us to be rated with the highest net promoter score in the nation.  We look forward to hearing from you – we are standing by ready to both save you money, and deliver an insurance experience that you will enjoy. 
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Thank you,
Jerry Hallman
Agency Owner

253.330.5144  | Direct (Call or text)

Policy Service Team | 800-474-1377  Email:


1712 6th Avenue

STE 200

Tacoma, Washington 98405-3300

Jerry Hallman Insurance
(253) 752-4200
7102 S Tacoma Way
Auto Insurance
Tacoma, WA and surrounding areas


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(253) 534.8488 | Hallman Insurance Agency, Inc. A licensed representative of Goosehead Insurance Agency, LLC.

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Homeowners Insurance in Tacoma

Looking for the perfect homeowners insurance policy in Tacoma, Washington? Look no further than Jerry Hallman Insurance. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to find the best policy that fits your unique needs and budget, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against unforeseen events.

Contact Us

Call or text us at 253.330.5144 for direct assistance, or email us at

For policy service, contact our team at 800.474.1377.


1712 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98405

Apr 26, 2008 by Tony Garcea
Jerry Hallman Insurance Agency
(253) 534.8488
1712 6th Avenue
Tacoma WA, 98405
United States

function rating_stars(rating){ var stars = []; for(i = 0; i < 5; i++){ if(i < rating) { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt('2605', 16)); } else { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt('2606', 16)); } } return stars } Jerry Hallman is an incredible insurance agent. Jerry was the number one Farmers Agent in the entire United States in 2016 and Ranked number two in 2017 (The year is not over yet!). I have worked with Jerry for 8 years. I can tell you when it comes to insurance agents his knowledge and intelligence can't be matched.

When it comes to Insurance Agents in Tacoma he is vastly superior. Many people are unaware of the fact that Farmers agents have the ability to bundle insurance programs in a way that is so overwhelmingly effective that its a well known fact that other people that sell insurance become extraordinarily agitated and upset when it comes to the savings (while providing superior coverage) that they just can't beat. If you don't believe me... Especially if your a business owner bring this man your companies information, your home, auto's and possibly life insurance, then get a comparison. Jerry will eviscerate any program out there. Maybe they could match it if you want to cover your BMW for 20 bucks and some fuzzy dice. Call The Jerry Hallman Insurance Agency if you respect yourself and your family.

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Auto Insurance Tacoma, Insurance Tacoma, Car Insurance Tacoma, Tacoma Washington best Insurance Provider

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At our agency, we offer a wide range of insurance options and exceptional customer service. We give you the power of choice, whether it's for:

  1. auto insurance Tacoma

  2. life insurance Tacoma

  3. business insurance Tacoma

  4. surety bonds insurance Tacoma

  5. contractors

  6. home insurance Tacoma

  7. health insurance Tacoma

or any other type of insurance. We work to find you the best rate while ensuring you have adequate coverage. Navigating the fine print can be difficult, but with our agency, you have access to a team of experts to provide you with peace of mind. You can choose to visit our office, or handle your insurance over the phone or online, and always work with a familiar agent you trust.

We're licensed in WA, OR, NC and CO, and we hope you'll choose us to protect your family, business, and investments.

Tuesday, 18 April 2023
Homeowners Insurance policy for Tacoma Washington
Sunday, 09 April 2023
Auto Insurance Tacoma Agency Now Provides Adequate Protection at Reasonable Rates
Thursday, 02 February 2023
Jerry Hallman Insurance is the premier provider of business insurance in Tacoma
Thursday, 19 January 2023
Auto Insurance Tacoma - Jerry Hallman Insurance - GOOSEHEAD INSURANCE
Jerry Hallman Insurance

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(253) 534.8488 | Jerry Hallman Insurance Agency, Inc. is a licensed representative of Goosehead Insurance Agency, LLC.

(253) 534.8488 | Hallman Insurance Agency, Inc. A licensed representative of Goosehead Insurance Agency, LLC.

Jerry D. Hallman


At our all lines insurance agency, in Tacoma & we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill all of your insurance needs. What sets us apart is our unique approach: we represent over 30 top insurance carriers, allowing us to find the perfect match for you. We take care of the legwork, ensuring we secure the best carrier that fits your budget and insurance requirements. As a result, I am highly confident that we will not only save you money but also provide you with better coverage compared to what you currently have.

It's important to note that all of the carriers we represent have an A+ rating or higher. This means that when you choose our agency, you won't have to compromise on dependability, quality, or claim service to get a good rate. We prioritize both the financial security of the carrier and their commitment to delivering excellent service.

Rest assured, when you entrust your insurance needs to us, we will go above and beyond to ensure you receive optimal coverage, significant savings, and peace of mind. Allow us to handle your insurance matters, and experience the benefits of our extensive network of top-rated carriers.


auto insurance Tacoma

We're experts in finding affordable & complete auto insurance. Request a quote & let us find the right coverage for you.


auto insurance Tacoma

Let's review your Washington state business insurance needs. It's critical for your business to have the proper coverage.


auto insurance Tacoma

Homeowner insurance rates in Tacoma can vary widely.  We'll make sure you're properly covered at the lowest rate available.


auto insurance Tacoma

Payment & claims. Having trouble reaching your insurance company or have questions? Please contact us directly.


Request a quote from Jerry and you will quickly understand why Goosehead is one of the fastest growing distributors of home and auto insurance in the United States. When an individual who was FARMERS INSURANCE'S number one rep in the Northwest of the United States for several categories over several years. You owe it to yourself, loved ones, assets and or comapny to inquire why.

It’s about the best coverage not just the lowest insurance rate in Tacoma.

Sure, companies are filling up the airwaves promising you 5%, 10%, even 15% savings on your insurance premiums in Tacoma and other areas throughout the nation. Which sounds really appealing until you find out they don’t just cut cost, they often cut coverage to the bare minimum required by law. And any price you pay for the wrong coverage is too high. 

Goosehead Insurance in Tacoma, WA  puts the power of information in your hands—no hiding behind celebrity spokespeople or high-dollar productions. We show you policies and prices from only the best companies so you can compare insurance quotes. Names you’ll recognize and others you’ll wish you’d heard of long ago. All spelled out so you have the confidence you’re getting the right coverage at the best price.

auto insurance Tacoma


Our experienced staff provides the guidance and support for your personal, family, or business decisions. Call us today.

auto insurance Tacoma


Hallman Insurance is an award-winning insurance agency in Tacoma, receiving industry recognition for our exceptional customer service.

We work with a wide range of people, Our insurance agency can provide coverage options for any business or personal insurance need.

Offering Auto Insurance Tacoma rates, claim assistance, coverage expansion, and answers to your questions.

 For Auto Insurance Tacoma

 it’s not just about the lowest price

 It’s about the best coverage .

Insurance companies are filling up the airwaves, promising you 5% to 15% savings on your insurance premiums. Which sounds really appealing until you find out they don’t just cut cost, they often cut coverage to the bare minimum required by law. If you want to loose it all give them a call. 

Goosehead insurance in Tacoma  puts the power of information  in your hands. We don't hide behind bravado & a celebrity spokesperson  or dazzle the simple minded with ridiculous productions.

We show you policies &  prices from only the best companies so you can compare insurance quotes. Insurance industry names you’ll recognize and others you’ll wish you’d heard of long ago. 

Goosehead Insurance through the Jerry D. Hallman Insurance Agency provides the confidence you’re getting the right coverage at the best price.

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auto insurance Tacoma
auto insurance Tacoma
auto insurance Tacoma


Serving clients in CO, NC, OR, and WA (Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington)



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253.330.5144 | Direct (Call or text)

Policy Service Team | 800.474.1377 

1712 6th Avenue

Tacoma, Washington 98405


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