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Renters Insurance Tacoma

Renters Insurance


Protect your stuff from the unexpected. Renters insurance covers your possessions, assets, and liability. On top of that,  policies are affordable and simple.

Why do you choose to rent? Maybe you just moved to a new city and want to get a sense of the neighborhood before making a purchase. You might like the convenience of letting a landlord handle anything that goes wrong. Perhaps, it’s the most cost-effective way to live near the city center.

Whatever your reason for renting, You may need coverage to help you protect your personal possessions & assets. Your Farmers agent can help you understand your insurance options so you can choose the coverage you want.

Here are a few risks renters may face — & how renters coverage may help.


Here are a few risks renters may face ? and how renters coverage may help:

You can also customize your rental insurance policy to anticipate risks like these:

Your electronics are stolen


A thief steals all the electronics from your media center —the equipment is a few years old,though,and you want to replace everything with new . That's whyrenters insurance in Tacoma,WA is imperative.


Replacement cost coverage may help cover the cost of replacing older items with their brand new equivalents —ask your agent about some limitations that may apply.

Your identity is stolen


Your identity was stolen and used to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card charges.


Identity Shield may help in efforts to recover your identity,assist in notifying credit bureaus,replace important documents and help with compensation for your time and other related expenses.

Rental insurance Tacoma

A candle starts a fire


You’ve lit several candles — which unintentionally start a small fire.


Property coverage under your renters policy may help if personal property like a sofa and a bookcase are damaged by fire.

Homeowners Insurance in Tacoma

On an especially gusty day, strong winds push a small potted plant off your balcony and onto a neighbor who is passing below. He is seriously bruised, and decides to sue.


Liability Insurance coverage in Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound, may help if you’re responsible for an injury to someone outside your household.

Bodily insurance coverage, Farmers insurance Tacoma

A guest is injured


You’re hosting a small cocktail party when a guest trips on frayed carpet in the hallway. His injury isn’t severe — but his arm does require medical attention.


Medical payments coverage may help if a guest is injured on your premises.

Home insurance Tacoma

You have to relocate temporarily


When a washer hose bursts and floods your apartment, you must move out while your landlord makes repairs.


Additional living expenses coverage may help with the extra costs of housing and food if you’re forced to move out for temporary repairs to your residence. Renters insurance for Tacoma? No problem. Jerry Hallman is one of Farmers sharpest agents. We have you covered.

Options To Consider

car insurance Tacoma

Other insurance options to consider

Be sure to get a quote for other items you want to insure — there might even be a discount if you buy another policy in addition to your renters insurance.

Car Insurance Tacoma, Jerry Hallman, FARMERS Agent

You have a car accident


You get into a fender-bender on your way to work — the other driver is claiming neck injuries in addition to the damage to his car.


Auto coverage may help cover costs for property damage and bodily injury claims, as well as medical expenses, if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance Insurance

Your motorcycle is damaged


While touring the countryside on your motorcycle, the sun blinds you just long enough for your tire to catch on a pothole. You’re not hurt when the bike goes down — but it’s seriously damaged.


Motorcycle coverage Insurance Tacoma, may help repair or replace your bike and safety apparel if those become damaged due to a collision or other event.

Pet insurance Tacoma

Your pet is injured


Your constant companion — a nine-year-old Yorkie — breaks her paw when she leaps excitedly and misses a step on the stairway.


Pet coverage may help with the cost of your pet’s surgery, physical rehabilitation and prescription medications.

Truck Insurance Tacoma

You cause a multi-vehicle accident


You rent a motor scooter for a day while vacationing in Italy — but accidentally cause a multi-vehicle wreck with several injuries.


Umbrella coverage is an extra layer of liability insurance that may help if the coverage of an underlying policy isn’t enough to cover costs for which you’re responsible. It goes with you anywhere in the world.

Renters Insurance Mistakes

Renters Insurance Mistakes


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